The First Steps to Getting Your Dream Job Using the Internet
By Colin P McDonald

Finding a job on the web is in many ways similar to finding a job from any other source e.G. Newspaper classified ads. Nevertheless there are new tools to be mastered and many common errors to be avoided. I'm not a qualified career management coach, but my "wisdom" has been gained the hard way - by making all the mistakes then learning the lessons!

Target your job search

Do decide what is your "dream job". You can't find something if you don't know what you are looking for!

Some things to think about

What sector(s) do I want to work in? What specific employers interest me? Am I willing to relocate? How far am I willing to commute? Do I want a permanent or contract role? Should I aim for a junior/senior/manager role? What minimum salary or daily rate am I prepared to accept? What life/work balance do I want to achieve?

Prepare the required documents

Do create a web cv in text format. Copy your updated word cv to notepad and fix the remaining formatting to make the text file presentable. This document will be used when you are required to paste your cv or resume into a text box when submitting a job application or profile information on a recruiter website.

Do create a range of covering letters. You must include a covering letter along with your cv or resume when you submit your job application to a recruiter or employer. A direct enquiry to an employer should also include a covering letter.

3 types of covering letters

Application - targeted for a specific role.

Broadcast - include a summary of your key skills for broadcast to recruiters or potential employers.

Network - a request for a meeting targeted for a specific contact. Advertise yourself
Use 7 advertising channels

The linkedin application www.Linkedin.Com has an ever-growing database of global contacts. This can be used to network with former colleagues, recruiters and potential employers.

Do let recruiters, employers and contacts know who you are and that you are looking for a new role.

Do update your cv or resume. Remember to add your most recent achievements and projects worked on. Job web sites and recruiter web sites will add your cv or resume to a database so remove any fancy formatting that may cause corruption when the document is displayed by a recruiter or employer.

Next steps

Document the progress of your job search on a spreadsheet with tabs for your lists of job applications, direct enquiries, job sites, recruitment sites and growing network of contacts. Happy job hunting!

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