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Software Tool to Automate The Writing Of Job Cover Letters Is Launched launches Amazing Cover Letter Creator website: Digital product supplier expands range of products to grab hirer's attention, secure desirable job interviews and receive top job offers. 
Posted on : NetForce Press (29 May, 2009 10:00:23) -, a new supplier of digital products, today launched the Great Cover Letters website making the Amazing Cover Letter Creator software tool available for instant download. The Amazing Cover Letter Creator creates, in a few minutes, cover letters hyper-focused on getting the job hunter an interview and ultimately hired for any career situation, using customizable templates, and for any job position or career level.
How To Find A Job On The Web Blog Launches
 Scot Biz launch a new blog to help job seekers navigate the web to get their dream job. 
Posted on : NetForce Press (23 Mar., 2009 15:05:12) - today launched a new blog on getting a job using the internet. As recruitment ads increasingly move from the print media to online job sites and employer sites then the knowledge and skills required to find a job are also evolving at the same pace.

A rookie job hunter can be bewildered by the burgeoning number of recruitment web sites promising 1000ís of employers just waiting for your application. In reality many of the jobs donít exist except as a lure to attract CVs or resumes to recruitment agencies. It is easy to become overwhelmed by an avalanche of irrelevant job alerts that deflect the job hunter from their true goals.

In these difficult economic times every job seeker needs a little help to give them an edge over their competitors for the dwindling number of vacancies. The traditional CV or resume must be tailored for the internet and take search engine optimisation into account. If recruiter searches do not return a CV, however experienced the candidate, from a jobsite database it will remain unread by the recruiter and not come to the notice of prospective employers.

The newly launched How To Find A Job On The Web blog provides advice and tips on the job hunting process from how to choose recruitment agencies and job sites to writing a web CV and killer covering letters. The knowledge contained in this blog has been earned from the real experience of job hunting in a recession.

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How To Find A Job On The Web